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Plant suggestion for fall?

My family is looking to send a thank you plant to a lady who has helped us out a lot lately. She likes to work in the garden so we%26#039;d like to get something she can plant and will last. Have any suggestions for a plant that is in the gift price range and will be able to be planted soon?

Plant suggestion for fall?
How about those amaryllis bulb kits you can buy them at wal-mart in the garden center, the price i saw them at was 5.97$

It is a very beautiful flower like the one in my 360 picture. It is a very very beautiful flower im a 100% sure that the lady will love it. Im positive.
Reply:Variegated prayer plant - indoor potted plant. If outside flowering maple-(shrub) with hibiscus shaped flowers that droop in such colors as burgundy, white, and apricot. They%26#039;re really beautiful and some cangrow to about 4 feet-deciduous--lose their leaves in winter.

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Gerbera daisy

Check out the garden department at Lowz or HomeyD, they put out seasonal plants. Very kind thank you idea.
Reply:Mums are a wonderful plant that do well indoors and may be planted outdoors once the blooms pass. You can find them in almost any color, other than blue. Some mums do not come back every year. Depending on climate it may be difficult to get them to perennialize.

Another great choice this time of year is the Aster. They come in shades of pink, purple or white. I prefer these as mums are so common and the asters make a great color pop this time of year in perennial beds. They are extremely hardy and easy to grow.

I have also made up garden baskets in the past for gifts. I take netting and gather several varieties of bulbs into the netting and tie them up with ribbon. I then take a pair of gloves and perhaps some bulb food or a small trowel and put the items into a nice basket with a carry handle.

Baskets are really nice to have for gardening too so that makes the gift double duty. I usually pick up a nice assortment of them at Goodwill or Salvation Army for a dollar or two each. Putting your gift in one is always a thoughtful and welcome gesture :)
Reply:Mums would be a good bet. They%26#039;re in bloom now, Fall is a good time to plant, they%26#039;re perennial, many color choices, hardy %26amp; reasonably priced. Consider too an assortment of bulbs such as tulips %26amp; daffodills plus flags. They too are planted in the Fall for Spring bloom. They%26#039;re also perennials and will spread thru the years.

If you wish to spend a bit more, consider a small tree such as blue spruce (slow growing but will get huge unless dwarf) ,dwarf japanese red maple, dwarf fruit tree,...
Reply:Bonsai%26#039;s a good gift along with Amaryllis Nymph , shrubs, tulips,polyantha roses, check this site for more- i hope this helps, thanks!
Reply:For low light try a peace lilly. They are easy to maintain and can be put outside during the warmer months and grow well inside as well.

For high light try a %26quot;Wildcat%26quot; type of orchid. (wildcat is a class of hybrids with many varietals) Easy to maintain and bloom once or twice a year often with 50+ flowers.

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I have a plant I got it as a gift and dont know the name of the plant, someone help?

this plant is green leaves with red flowers, the flowers look like tulips, and in the middle of the flower there is a narrow yellow like bud that is very sift, but the texture of the whole plant is very firm, so it looks sort of fake, but really it%26#039;s real.

I have a plant I got it as a gift and dont know the name of the plant, someone help?
you might get more help if you had a picture?

I%26#039;m going to guess it%26#039;s a Azalea, but without a picture......

Try looking here:
Reply:sounds like a Hibiscus to me.
Reply:Could it be a Bird of Paridise?
Reply:It%26#039;s a tulip
Reply:Maybe it%26#039;s a calla lily.
Reply:might be a tulip ... tulips have strap-like leaves but not up a stem (see first pic). A Hibiscus has a woody stem and regular leaves (see second pic). Look at the pics ... if your flower is different give more information
Reply:Could be an anthurium. The live ones even look like plastic.
Reply:I agree, sounds like a hibiscus.
Reply:An orchid possibly, but a picture would really, really help
Reply:if you could a picture it would be helpful TX


Should one plant jasmine outside - in shade or sunlight?

I was given a gift of a jasmine plant and need informarion on care and maintenance - I am assumung it should be planted outside?

Should one plant jasmine outside - in shade or sunlight?
depends on what kind of jasmine- the kind you can get in the stores are sometimes not true jasmine. they like full sun and need frost protection.

White Teeth

Can you plant red canna bulb in wi zone 4?? P.S What do they look like?? Got these from a friend?

First time planting bulbs. I received bulbs as a gift. How do you plant??? Water??? Generally take care of??

Can you plant red canna bulb in wi zone 4?? P.S What do they look like?? Got these from a friend?
Yes, you can. But you need to dig them up in the fall, as they will die that far north if left in the ground through the winter.

Plant them about 6 inches down. Most likely your %26quot;bulb%26quot; or corm, will be a long-ish thing, much like a fresh ginger root (which you may know about if you%26#039;re a cook). Lay them horizontally in the ground, with the little growing tips (if there are any), up.

Water after planting. Then, forget about it, unless there is a long drought. They will come up and bloom of their own accord, and they don%26#039;t need any special tending.

In the fall, dig it up. You can even wait until the first frost nips the plant parts above ground. Cut off everything above ground, dig up the root (which should now be a good twice as big as when you planted it - if not more so). Put it in a brown paper bag in a cool dry place for the winter. A cellar, or an attached garage. Someplace that doesn%26#039;t get below freezing.

Replant the following spring a couple weeks before your last frost date.
Reply:What %26quot;Cat%26quot; said. Canna are not winter hardy and because they are rather shallow rooted, it would be rare that they would last a zone-4 winter.

S/he makes a good point about the choice of storage. Don%26#039;t just set them in newspaper or a paper bag in a storage shed or garage where they might freeze.

Good luck. Canna are beautiful flowering plants and will grow 4-6 feet in a season. You might even be able to get them to set out new corms and multiply your plantings.
Reply:Try this site...

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How to find out if i want know a name of a rare plant? Can I post the picture the plant in web and find out?

I am taking care of plant which is a gift. Now I need to know the name. So I can find out more information and provide care.

How to find out if i want know a name of a rare plant? Can I post the picture the plant in web and find out?
Sure can...we love that stuff. Photobucket is a good photo host to get your pic online.
Reply:Yep. We all love to identify flowers.
Reply:a good picture would greatly help.
Reply:You bet we can identify it, it%26#039;s what some of us live for, just post it. RScott


Need a really nice housewarming plant?

i want to get my friend a plant as a housewarming gift, but i need something nice (aroung 100$) that he can keep in his house. thanks for any help.

Need a really nice housewarming plant?
a large palm, like a parlour palm

they are nice %26amp; very easy to keep
Reply:a ficus tree would be nice. they can last a long time with proper care.
Reply:Bonsai is harder to take care, but Lucky Bamboo and Money Tree are hardy plants.


Shop around, $100 can get you a very nice arrangement of Lucky Bamboo or Money Tree. Good luck!
Reply:I would go to a florist%26#039;s shop/website and see what they have available. If you go into a store, the staff there will be able to assess your needs (light, maintenance needs, etc.) and suggest an appropriate plant.

Peace lilys are nice because they do well in low light, but they are finicky about watering.

Another good option might be a bromelaid (the one with the purplish sort of %26quot;flower%26quot; in the middle and long spiky leaves) since it%26#039;s easy to water and maintain and provides a little color.

There are plants available in all different sizes that will match your spending category.
Reply:A peace lily is a great plant the more you spend the bigger the plant will be. Your price range of around 100$ is a great size at least a 12 inch pot. This plant will let you know when it needs water. The long leaves will start to wilt and with water they will perk right back up.

I gave her a plant last week as a gift, to display in her office. Plant is now dead, should I dump her?

The plant wasn%26#039;t cheap and she killed it in a matter of 7 days. Is this grounds for ending the relationship? She obviously can%26#039;t be trusted.

I gave her a plant last week as a gift, to display in her office. Plant is now dead, should I dump her?
omg you are so cute!!!!

She killed your plant? what a Beeeeotch.

Maybe she sucks at keeping plants.

But, I will tell you this. If a guy I liked gave me a plant I would worship it. well, maybe not worship but if I saw that it was dying I%26#039;d at least water the darn thing.

I would dump her.
Reply:Haha that%26#039;s funny...

Anyways, well I like plants a lot, so I can see why you%26#039;re upset... BUT I don%26#039;t think that is a good reason to end a relationship, and that doesn%26#039;t mean she can%26#039;t be trusted, she just might not be a very responsible person. OR maybe she just doesn%26#039;t care much for plants.
Reply:Didn%26#039;t anyone ever tell you/......%26quot;Don%26#039;t get your honey where you get your money%26quot;. Simple rule, don%26#039;t date co-workers.
Reply:I wouldn%26#039;t dump her ... but I would consider not having children with her!
Reply:She will neglect you and not feed you for a week and you will wither away!!!! LOL

I am joking - ok - hyperthetically (?) it doesn%26#039;t matter if she hasn%26#039;t got green fingers and is good with plants

As long as she has soft fingers and is good with you!
Reply:I don%26#039;t know if she can%26#039;t be trusted, but it also sounds like she does not have a green thumb. I guess you could try to get her a gold fish next and she if she kills it.LOL%26gt;
Reply:Not everyone has a green thumb..
Reply:how expensive was this plant?
Reply:She cant be trusted? She killed a plant, she didn%26#039;t sleep with your best friend. Maybe she is busy at work.......working. Maybe she didn%26#039;t have time to water your plant. Geez
Reply:U made me laugh. The plants is not a reason for u to dump her. Ask her why the plant died. What if she water it but still it really going to die. I plants a lot of flower.1 out of 10 is dead even i put vitamins and water it everyday. Sometimes bcoz of no sun and i put lotd of water it dies. Because i over watered it. U are so funny for me. Your reason to dump her is very low reason. No dont end till u will not find the truth what if she get so busy. Remember u put it on her office. What the time u buy the flower she was so busy and her boss keep bugging her to finish her works. Theres a lot of reason.
Reply:if you are gonna base trust on the life of a plant i suggest living in the jungle tarzan,, because theres more to trusting humans than a soiled root
Reply:Yes. Obviously if she can%26#039;t get water right, what do you think she%26#039;ll do to you when she cooks for you?
Reply:A little irresponsible? Yes. Grounds for breakup? Nope.

It wasn%26#039;t as if you asked her to take care of YOUR plant for you and she killed it. You gave it to her, it was hers, so trust doesn%26#039;t come into play here.
Reply:i would have to say no. some people just are bad with plants. i mean ive killed a cactus. a ******* cactus. you have to water it twice a month at most and i killed the damned thing. maybe she just has a brown thumb (get it green plants are alive and brown are dead so instaed of a green she has a brown ha ha ha)

i dont think its a matter of trust. but id suggest not getting her a kitten. maybe something inanimate. like a teddy bear or a picture of something.

Does this make her a murderer?
Reply:you can%26#039;t use the plant to measure her trustworthy-ness. obviously if she put it in the office shed have hardly anytime to actually take care of it because shes at work.
Reply:Please don%26#039;t dump her over a plant. That%26#039;s so immature. Some people are not green thumbs and some people just don%26#039;t like plants. Next time maybe give her a little direction on how to take care of the plant.^^
Reply:We don%26#039;t all have green thumbs.

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